dumbo octupus in ocean space by kristin gjerdset

I was thrilled to read that the word for “Illustration Friday” this week is “Ocean!”  It  immediately came to mind to submit to this week’s blog.  This piece was created last summer as a part of a exhibition with Creamy City Illustrators in Milwaukee.

I discovered the species, dumbo octopus, while paging through the book, “The Deep” by Claire Nouvain, at the library.  I never knew such an animal existed and with its natural look resembling an animated character, I had to put watercolor to paper and respond.  The little octopus has been placed in a space filled with fellow, tiny, ocean going beings (you need a magnifying glass to seem them – various plankton, worms, and little crabs are included – they appear more as stars in this image), as well as one questionable eel.


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