Moon Jelly Invasion

The Arts Mill artist co-op of Grafton, Wisconsin challenged artists to make a painting within 24 hours for the appropriately named “24-hour Art Show.” Each artist could purchase one to three – 11” x 14” canvas’ on which to work. Pickup was Thursday January 24 and drop off on Friday January 25. I selected to do one. After teaching all day, I knew I would have just enough energy for one.

This is my effort from last night after five and a half hours – a snapshot of ocean with moon jellies and diatoms drifting about. The vision I had and the actual image that was produced differ but that is part of the adventure of creating – solving the mystery of how you respond to an idea. You never know completely how it will end. This ending was more sci-fi than I expected. My nieces thought the jellyfish looked to be in outer space and so did I. Including the word “invasion” seemed fitting to the title. Instead of Martians, the plankton are coming.

For more info on the show, check out The Arts Mill website:


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