Celebrating Rocky Mountain National Park today - it has gotten bigger!

“Twin Sisters”  Acrylic on Wood, 2019

Happy news! I found out today Rocky Mountain National Park successfully acquired a 3.89 acre parcel of land. The park has expanded!  It is one of my favorite parks, as it is the first time I hiked up a mountain and saw what the world looks like at 10,000 plus feet. To celebrate, I am posting three of my paintings from a trip to RMNP in May of 2010.

sheep lakes looking west view from outcrop above nymph lake

The one, on the left, is “Sheep Lakes Looking West” – a watercolor and acrylic. Snow had begun, causing the mountains to disappear and reappear.  I did this while sitting in the car, as the winds were especially strong.

The second, on the right, is “View from Outcrop, Above Nymph Lake,” done with watercolor and pencil. It was a brilliant, sunny day. I walked away from this painting with an unusual sunburn – only parts of my face received a reflection from the white snow and paper. I was a patchwork of red and fair skinned blotches.  🙂 I thought I had put enough sunscreen on.  It makes me smile now but it was a totally embarrassing look!



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