It seems fitting, since I received an illustrated letter today from an elf in England with a dinosaur on the envelope (see previous post), that I should sketch a dinosaur for my one sketch a day.  I choose one of the plastic replicas in my office to make this quick study. Image

It has been a few days since updating where my sketch a day book is at so to catch you up to speed, yesterday I drew Stella the jaguar at the Milwaukee County Zoo. She was attentive to visitors, giving a protective stare, as her two kittens played around her.  The day before is what I call “A Strange Little Walrus Mexican Sculpture,” which I found at a thrift store. It reminds me more of a whimsical Moomintroll.


February 16 and 17 are quick, quick end of the day moments – Annie at the foot of the bed focusing on a sound outside, and a study of a Bristlecone pine from a photo, which looks more figurative, like a dancing lady on her side. I have to admit with both I was very sleepy.  It is probably not best to save this activity for the end of the day.


February 12 to the 15 is a combination of the inanimate with the animate. February 12 and 14 are chairs…obviously.  🙂  The purple is a value reversal study – what was dark become light, what was light became dark – so it appeared that the chair was lit from below versus above. This was an assignment that I gave to my drawing students.  I thought it was a challenging and stimulating exercise but I believe they found it positively painful.  Their drawings turned out quite striking despite their opposition.    On February 14 I returned to drawing the chair with the lighting as observed.  The owl that came about on February 13 is a sweet little Acoma sculpture with a inquisitive looking nature, who sits on my dresser. And for February 15 I was at an art opening at an environmental center. I had talked to fellow artists and completely viewed the exhibit so I decided to take a moment to go to the lower level and sketch from the aquarium. I selected a lake perch who appeared to have a pimple like growth on the outside of his gill.


More Annie on the bed moments….February 10 and 11.


And the last one to catch up on, February 9, is my cat Bindy, who still has the endearing looks of a newborn kitten, even though she is going on two years old.  It seems a fitting image to end the evening blogging  – this teacher and artist is sleepy.



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