ImageI was thrilled to see the hyenas were out when my students and I went to visit the zoo. Here are two brief sketches of the same hyena from two different viewpoints, added to my one sketch a day book.  Not much to say about it, except I just find these creatures really fascinating – amazing facial and body structure overall.

ImageAs far as the remainder of my sketch a day subjects for the weekend, I went with my wind-ups. I am most happy with this one, as he looks more alive than the two others I did. Clearly he has found something to concentrate on on the white paper.  🙂


My last image of the day is from an artist I do not know personally but met through his art. When I sat down in church today and turned to the sermon outline of the bulletin, I was thrilled to see there were robots drawn all over it!  This is not a comment on the quality of the sermon outlines – I love them as a guide but to see visual creativity spilling all over the page was a surprise blessing, especially as an artist.  (By the way, our church encourages handing back the bulletins so they can be reused in the other services. This one was from the Saturday night service. There was no way I was going to return this one for the 9:30 service, at least for now!)

I wish I had what this young artist has most days – no inhibitions, no concerns about what he makes. He simply does.  It’s true he wants to know which robot is best, but you can see the freedom in the randomness at which the robots are placed – scattered about the page. It is likely he did this in about twenty minutes, the length of the sermon.  How impressive the variety of his subjects made in such a short time frame. Luke clearly has a supportive Dad, too.  I like the fact he notes Dad selected “E” as his favorite.

I believe there is a future in art for Luke – he is amazing! (By the way, I know Luke’s teachers so this bulletin will find its way back to him.)Image


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