Happy Spring Day! - Bouquet of Flowers from Sketch a Day

Walking in 11 degree fahrenheit weather against a brisk north wind, preceded by a few days of a similar cold and snow, it is difficult to believe spring will ever come. But the tops of tulip stems reaching up from the soil, and the singing of red-winged blackbirds signal it is indeed on its way, giving me needed hope. My spirit has been lifted as well by sketching green and flowers from my photos of Ireland. Still I am very eager for warmer days. It is challenging to get up in the morning to leave a warm bed for the dark and cold to walk my dog, Annie. But I think I should be like the plants and animals, to have the same persistence and trust. They seem to say with their actions, “go forward, go forward, spring is beginning.”  And today it officially has – the vernal equinox arrived this morning.

Happy First Day of Spring!


4 thoughts on “Happy Spring Day! – Bouquet of Flowers from Sketch a Day

  1. The flowers will come soon! We’ve had a few poke out of the flower beds, but I still haven’t seen any native flowers yet. Maybe this week. Nice sketches, they put me in the mood to see more flowers!

    1. I think I am going to have a yellow crocus break through in the next day or two, as we finally have warmer temperatures in the forecast with sun! I do love that with spring there is a new surprise appearing every day. Two days ago, there was a grackle in the yard. I know most people don’t like them but he or she was great to see.

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