Three Bats and an Owl - Sketch a Day

Continuing with the Dover “Animals” book as my resource, I redid a stylized owl for April 13. The next day I decided it was time to move on from owls and choose the theme of creatures of the night. I stayed committed to the idea but with a focus on a trio of bats – two welcoming extroverts while one a sinister angry red.


8 thoughts on “Three Bats and an Owl – Sketch a Day

    1. Thanks so much, Jacklyn. It’s become a learning process. My first goal was to simply make sure I spent a few minutes a day drawing. As a teacher, the end of the day finds my creative energies pretty drained…in a good way but depleted nonetheless, so I thought this would keep me disciplined and it has. I am still creating other artworks which require more time but for those days when time is lacking, this book is always there to practice in but with less pressure. I limited myself to 2-5 minutes studies at first. They have increased in timeframe and I find I am thinking more about how I can connect the images.
      It does help this book has the title imprinted on the cover “One Sketch a Day” by the way, too. It seems a contract I have to keep and very official. 🙂 I would highly recommend the activity.

  1. Thanks so much for the insight into your creative processes! I admire your committment to the activity. I would for sure need either an alarm that goes off everyday with a message telling me to draw for 5 minutes or I would need a bold title on the front saying “Do One Sketch A Day!” ahahah hopefully after this hectic month I am having finishing my 3 year advanced art course I will begin the many projects I have in mind

    1. You are welcome! Yes, it is best you concentrate on the 3 year advanced art course first. 🙂 The projects will begin in due time. Your comments make me smile. Sometimes I need an alarm to keep me awake. I find I do these at the end of the day.

  2. Wow I love your sketches. You must be way talented if you’re doing these in a few minutes. When busy season ramps up, I’m gonna need to do quick sketches like this in order to keep my streak. How do you do it? These sketches are amazing! Thanks for following me, by the way.

      1. This is what happens to me every single time! I try to keep it to under 15-20. I’m actually a CPA and I have a small tax practice. I’m the only preparer here, so all the load is on me, and once February gets going here, time will really be at a premium. Any tips on how to go faster? I don’t want to have to go to gesture drawings every day during tax season.

      2. The more you sketch, the faster you will get. I do find that working from a subject that is alive versus a photo motivates me to work quicker because I have to. Do you have any pets that could help you in this regard? Or watching the birds at the feeder? Spending a few minutes outside in the morning or evening, depending on the weather of course, and recording the clouds. Also, copying master artists’ works since they have already figured out where values and lines will go, that can makes things easier….sort of, plus you learn so much in the process. It might just have to be gesture drawings for tax season. Van Gogh said “drawing is never a waste of time.” Look up “Urban Sketchers” for ideas on techniques and images, too. There are some great published books out there by these artists. Hm…make some doodles with numbers, inspired by Kandinsky art. Hope that helps! Off to make dinner! Then art! 🙂

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