A Seal and Three Sea Lions - Sketch a Day Book Entries

Last week I was thrilled when Weddell Seal Science of Montana State University became one of my Twitter followers. It inspired me to chose pinnipeds as the focus of my sketches for the last four days. Once again I utilized the Dover copyright free “Animals” text as source. I was disappointed to find only two pages dedicated to these marine mammals. I was further limited in that only one of the illustrations is a seal (the rest are sea lions). I wish it was a Weddell but I think it might be a harbor seal.

I must note that if you have never heard the sounds of a Weddell seal, check out the “multimedia section” of the website: http://weddellsealscience.com/
The sound is positively other worldly and if you have cats, they will stop at attention, become slightly panicked and look around to hear where the sound is coming from….at least mine did (they recovered quickly; they are sleeping again).
Time to say good night and make some art!


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