ImageWhat a treasure. Going through my campus mail today, I opened up a manila envelope to find a giant Poco sympathy card from my summer camp kids.  All wonderful messages that of course made me tear up.  There’s a few that stood out to me:

“Poco I will miss your bites.” (Poco was not always a nice bird.  :))

“I loved Poco since the moment I met him.”

And I have to admit this is my favorite, which I just noticed:

“Go to heaven and rest on a big tree with God.”



6 thoughts on “What Children Say When They Lose a Pet

  1. Very sad – I am still thinking about your loss of Poco – I read your first post yesterday – You have my sympathy – what a special soul and wonderful friend you have lost. I got cry babyish about this already (I have vowed not to read about the passing of pets), but Poco called me – an inspiring bird! This card is lovely and sad. Again, I am sorry for your loss.
    With a few tears,

    1. Thanks so much Elephant. I tend to tear up myself at “passing of pets” posts, too. I think that’s ok -compassion is a beautiful thing and often too rare. Poco had a good, full life and I was blessed to have him and share him. The kid’s card really made my day. I loved Esmeralda’s image of Poco sitting next to God on a tree. 🙂 Take care, Kristin

  2. So sorry about Poco, it’s always hard to lose a pet, they really are part of our families. The children’s card is lovely and you can tell they enjoyed Poco too. There were a few references to dancing, he was obviously a great dancer and “dancing with the parakeets of heaven” right now I hope. Take care, Jen

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jen. Yes he loved dancing quite much. 🙂 His energy was amazing. He was actually hard to keep up with some days. Kids could really connect with that I think, plus his eyes were always full of such life. They could see that too.

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