Turtles and Tortoises Face Off - Sketch a Day

At first, I was going to make four days of angry turtles because many of the illustrations in the Dover “Animals” book were just that – furrowed brow line expressions…but by day two I changed direction. Upon closer study, I found greater variation in their faces, as well as realizing some were tortoises.

April 22 is a wood turtle who appears slightly worried. He looks happy in the original etching but perhaps being Earth Day it was my subconscious way of reflecting concern.

A tortoise with outstretched neck for the next day’s sketch made me see how odd and dinosaur like this animal appears without the rest of its body.

Then I reached Day 100 of the sketch a day book. No balloons, bright colors or big font – just kept on track with a tortoise looking off, looking off to what the next 100 days of pages will bring.


4 thoughts on “Turtles and Tortoises Face Off – Sketch a Day

    1. Thanks – so hard to believe it has been a 100 days! It’s been really good at keeping me disciplined even with teaching challenges. I even upped the ante – starting to day I am going to make an image of an animal each day for 100 days….and still do the sketch a day…and still do Great Basin art! 🙂

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