Will there ever be a society to save wood ticks? Or a society for cockroaches or fleas or mosquitos? Our relationship with these animals is at best a very strained one. They seek us out willingly, which would ordinarily be fantastic, like a dog welcoming you home. But then they bite or leave a mess with eggs and droppings. This leads us to kill them with the slap of a hand or toxic sprays, as we know they can harm us with more than just a surface bite – malaria, lyme disease, worms, etc. What a curse to be one of these animals. How sad for them. They are just doing what they were made to do, yet their direct interaction with us ends fatally. It is certainly a just and understandable action on our part though.

What good can be said of them? As an artist, I find their forms diverse, even attractive to a degree. I appreciate their bravery, too. You have to admit landing, crawling, flying in the face of creatures thousands of times bigger than you is admirable (I know, they are acting out of survival). The feat of flying a flea exhibits is quite amazing. They essentially cull weak animals in an environment. And cockroaches are an important element on the ground level of a rainforest floor. Do I love them or want a society for them? Hardly but they are here with us. And so for a couple of pages in my sketchbook, they are recognized.


2 thoughts on “Will There Ever Be a Society to Save Wood Ticks? – Sketch a Day “The Unlovables”

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