Bats come to mind at the mention of a cave but there is a myriad of creatures crawling and flying within, most missed by the human eye. Here is a sampling of insects found in Great Basin National Park who inspired me for this illustration.
A cave moth takes up the lower left corner.
A yellow centipede walks to a millipede in the upper left corner.
The pseudo scorpion with orange red pinchers faces a model cave harvestman.
Two springtails are the smallest of the animals on the page, (when seen in person they appear as tiny white pieces of dandruff moving on a rock. I thought how easy it is to brush them off as pieces of lint or dust blown about, yet these little lives can feed off a rodent’s carcass and leave nothing left in a matter of a few months. They are powerful forces in their own way).
A cricket with long antennas is followed by a dipluran on the upper right side.

Thanks for visiting and as always my images are copyrighted. If you would like permission to use them, please contact me. It is much appreciated from one creative person to another!


4 thoughts on “Cave Biota of Great Basin National Park – “Animal a Day” Artwork

    1. Thanks, Sue. All these insects are quite tiny which definitely makes them less intimidating. Although if you were a springtail, having a pseudo scorpion coming to eat you, must certainly be a creepy experience. šŸ™‚

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