Given I was so busy and forgot to do my sketch a day on May 23, drawing a Dodo seemed to fit the 24th May entry. It was the second time I have “sinned” in the book by failing to make the date. But I do like the fact I can make a larger drawing to take up the two spaces, plus Dodos make for complex characters with the bulky beak, robust chest, feathers curled and curved, and large feet so they need the room anyway.

The extinct bird theme continued on the 25th with a Great Auk, mirroring the Dodo in the vertical format.  However, this did not leave me much drawing space between the two birds but a slim lined Carolina Parakeet fit comfortably in the end today.

Like the movie “Jurassic Park” I wish we could bring these animals back to observe, to appreciate. Generations before us took them away however. Now these birds serve as lessons for our generation to preserve what we have rather than steal from the future generations. Unfortunately, we humans never seem to learn the value of life in all its forms.  More species are ending their time here and more predicted will in the years to come.  I am ending on a rather bleak note tonight.  There is no other way to view these truths though.


(By the way, the great auk was my second such sketch of the bird. When I visited Iceland four years ago, the cultural museum had a nature exhibit filled with stuffed animals.  It was good to see one in person, though I certainly wish he or she was alive.  I tried to make him/her look alive at least with questioning side glance, as you see in the drawing above. The great auk is known as “gerifugl” in the Icelandic language ).


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