ImageMy words will be followed by an image of my sketchbook pages from July 19 to 22. You will notice that for July 20 I only wrote “chalk drawing from Racine.” After eight and a half hours of working on the ground, on an 8′ x 8′ panel, this is what that chalk drawing came out to be.  Admittedly, I had little energy at the end of the evening to draw in my book…but I figure this counts in a big way creatively.

The pastels I use are from the company “Eternity Arts.” I love the brilliance – great quality for a reasonable price ($1 a stick) – so if you enjoy sidewalk drawing, they are excellent. Your kids will love them also. As a child, I hated how dull chalks were. I have learned why.  It is because they only dye white chalk; no pigment within.  So if you have a young, budding artist, get these pastels.  They will make them (or your inner child) happy.  The sticks are big and chunky so they last longer and hey, big and chunky sticks are just plain fun to work with!

Here are the three studies from July 18, 19 and 21, with notes below.

ImageJuly 18 – Columbine from Colorado photo…I did this at the end of a teaching sixth graders day so not my strongest but one of my favorite flowers. They are beautiful …and tasty.  Their petals are edible so if you are ever stranded in the woods, munch this flower….but only in emergencies because they are best left to color forest and field.

July 19 – Fallen tree in Greenfield Park: One of the three grand old trees fell last week so before they cut it up and took it away, I wanted to make sure I drew it.  It was hollow inside so its time was coming but it is sad to see a part of the natural history of this park die.  A small tribute for now.

July 21 – Tree from Twin Sisters Trail photo – a striking angled trunk with articulate branches.


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