Feeling homesick for Western views…going back through photo albums serves as good therapy.

July 30  – snow covered mountain on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). Soon after taking this picture, I noted to my traveling companions it might be a good idea if we head down to a lower altitude. My head was spinning and an awful nauseous feeling struck. I did not want to require a medic. And I never did. Below 9000 feet helped. We returned a couple days later to the same spot for hiking on the tundra trails.

July 31 – found a type of dead wasp on overlook ledge in RMNP. He or she was lovely reds and burnt siennas.

August 1 – Two years ago, come fall, I traveled with a couple of friends to Yellowstone. This bison sat sleepily near the side of the road.  I had enough time to snap a quick picture as we passed.

August 2 – Another interesting insect. Saw this beetle in Grand Teton National Park.  Incredibly long, curved antennae and a calm demeanor.  He or she was cooperative when I picked him or her off the car before we drove on.  I love beetles.


July 26 – a piece of wood I found while walking my dog near the railroad tracks.  I was attracted to it for its curves and animal head like quality.

July 27 – I participated in a plein air event at the Richfield Historical Society. It was cold and windy for a July day – around 50 but felt like 40 and I had not dressed appropriately. At one point, I ran through the trails to warm up and came upon this little bird sitting on a bush, tweeting. He or she was unafraid of me as I watched and listened. Such a lovely creature that boosted my spirits.

July 28 – another natural artifact I found while beach combing in Florida in 2010. A remnant of coral I believe. The yellow streak at the bottom is a small, flat insect that fell out of my hair while I was drawing.  I had been working in the garden all day so apparently he had found a home on my head. He moved very fast on my hand and seemed ok with it as I tried to study his shape, but then he stopped on my wrist and bit me. He was promptly sent back outdoors.

July 29 – For the previous week to ten days, at 7 in the evening, I would hear the robin chicks cry for food, while mom or dad fed them. I could barely see them amidst the leaves of the tree through my living room window; just silhouettes of black against a lime green background. But on July 29 there was no crying. I went to check the nest and it was completely empty. They were far too young to have left the nest. I suspect raccoons had gotten them. I was confident the river birch was a safe place.


Nature objects I have collected.

– the antler from a deer that my parents accidentally hit with their car

– a feather from my Navajo dreamcatcher

– a shell from a Florida shop

– a shell from a water snail I used to have


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