Last week was my favorite time of year in Milwaukee. The farm came to the city at Wisconsin State Fair. A walk through the barns was a time to meet new personalities.Image“Pixie and Dixie”  – Nigerian Goats

Image“Egyptian Goose” – The pattern on this goose was so incredibly complex and beautiful.  And he was an excellent model. As soon as I sat down to start painting him, he stood in this pose for the full two hours, rarely moving.  Image“Goliath” – Giant Homer Pigeon


“First Place Fancy Pigeon: West of England”

Image“Oriental Frill Pigeon” – Who said pigeons cannot be lovely?


“Three Pigeons” – One of my friends said it looks like a band picture.

frizzle rooster

“Frizzle Chicken”

rabbit from fair

“Daphne” -Who can resist a sweet, tiny white Polish rabbit to draw?


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