Bold Bison

August 15 – Prior to a lecture on the work of photographer Edward Curtis at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, I walked around to view the images, primarily of Native Americans, in the gallery. I envisioned a sketch of a person for my book but of course, I found myself drawn to an animal image.  It was a group of bison in a field, entitled “As It Was in the Old Days” from 1927.  I wondered exactly what he meant by this title. The great herds of bison had certainly been seriously decimated by this point but the image did not show hundreds of bison that would make me think back to a time of large numbers of animals. But the title did make me wish it was the old days when thousands upon thousands of bison roamed the West. So August 16, 17 and 18 continued with bison sketches; a humble little sketchbook homage to what I wish still remained.


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