Driving around Shorewood, Wisconsin, my friend Kriste and I were searching for subjects to paint for their September plein air competition.  I was determined to find animal themed garden statuary since I prefer nature over manmade (I know fake deer and rabbits are manmade but they are not made of right angles) but we happened upon the little free library below, since as my friend, Kriste put it, “it looks like an owl on the side.”  I agreed but I still really wanted rounded, organic forms overall.

When the day of competition began I headed for the “owl” box since I had not found stone animals inhabiting front yards. The box did symbolize who I was in many ways – love for reading, being creative, sharing with others, recycling, and being part of a community – so it made sense in the end. Other little free library paintings followed, as you can see, even one with birds to my delight!

If you would like to learn more about the Little Free Library movement, go to: http://www.littlefreelibrary.org


“The Owl Library”   Watercolor and Ink   2013


“The Bird Library, Right Side”   Watercolor and Ink  2013


“The Bird Library, Left Side with Woodpecker”  Watercolor and Ink  2013


“The Red Crooked Roof Library”  Watercolor and Ink  2013

As always, my images are copyrighted. Please respect that from one creative person to another and ask permission to reproduce. Thanks!



2 thoughts on “Take a Book, Give a Book – Little Free Libraries in Watercolor

  1. I LOVE the idea of the Little Free Libraries, but I’ve never stumbled across one “in the wild.” The map on the site shows that there should be one near my office–I’m going to have to take a trip on by lunch break soon and go investigate!
    I’ve never seen artwork based on the Little Free Libraries before–your work is lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Book Mammal! I do, too. I am motivated to get one for my front yard now. Hope you found the one in your neighborhood! Thanks for visiting and making a comment. 🙂

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