Whimsical Yellowstone Raven: Watercolor a Day for March 5

“Whimsical Yellowstone Raven” by Kristin Gjerdset 2014
Watercolor and Ink, 5″ x 5″

I had started a simple pencil sketch of a raven at Yellowstone National Park, after watching Old Faithful back in the fall of 2011. The ravens have learned that after the geyser show is over, the humans depart, leaving a bevy of food crumbs under the seats. Unfortunately, he flew away all too quickly so all I had was a very basic line drawing. The unfinished moment has really bothered me every time I pass that page in the sketchbook, so I decided to finish it. Granted it is no longer the reality of this creature, but rather an idealized caricature of these animated, brainy corvids who I positively adore and give me joy every time I see one.


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