transect 2 veterans park

Transect No. 2: Veteran’s Park, Colored Pencil, 6″ x 6″

Created after viewing Kandinsky’s retrospective at the Milwaukee Art Museum, it was a joy to get out and draw. I found his work such an inspiration, particularly his smaller images where he gathered shapes, lines and dots in intricate, imaginative combinations. I have much to learn from him and believe I have found a kindred spirit.

Compared to my backyard yesterday, I found it much more challenging to find insects in a mowed park space. But I did with patience. Here is a list of what I encountered:

  • unidentified species of bee
  • hover fly
  • unidentified species of ladybug like beetle (plus it moved so fast, as if it was late for an appointment)
  • clouded sulphur butterfly
  • unidentified species of skipper butterfly
  • three types of mushrooms
  • two types of damselflies
  • japanese beetle (non-native species, considered destructive)
  • hornet searching for prey (He moved with great speed across the surface of the grass, occasionally stopping to investigate a possible food source but I did not witness him catching anything. i think he lost patience with me following him because then he suddenly zipped away and he was gone.)
  • slug in crevice of tree
  • fly
  • red dragonfly
  • yellow flower I should learn the name of
  • prairie clover
  • bumblebee
  • red mite (?) – those funny, really tiny little spiders that crawl across you, yet seemingly oblivious to you

In the process of recording as many insects and biological life as possible in a limited timeframe, the image became challenging to arrange the random encounters in a somewhat balanced way. I have yet to learn how these types of studies will best be realized. 

As always, thanks for visiting and please respect my images from one creative to another. Please ask for my permission if you wish to reproduce the image in any way, as they are my own originals.


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