goldfish watercolor of upside down

….give him a green pea. Yesterday morning, I found my goldfish, Peter, struggling to swim, periodically floating to the top and turning over. I could tell he was in a great degree of stress. I recognized it as a bladder condition. I did a Google search for advice on treatment. Multiple sources noted to give him a green pea with the skin removed. I dropped a couple in. While he had trouble stabilizing his body to eat, he was successful in grabbing one, much to my relief. Additionally, I replaced the filter, did a water change and put in a teaspoon of salt per gallon. This morning, Peter was back to normal. As celebration, I painted this watercolor of him swimming comfortably and calmly once again. Thanks to the goldfish experts of the Internet for helping remedy my fish!


6 thoughts on “Don’t Despair If You Find Your Goldfish Upside Down…

  1. I’m so glad Peter is better! I have been wondering whether or not the pea thing really works.

    I’ve been really close to convincing myself to try fancy goldfish again. I adore them and used to keep quite a few, but I haven’t kept any for almost twenty years because the floating breaks my heart. But I’d read about the peas a few months ago and started wondering if, maybe…

    You and Peter might have just pushed me over the edge. And, on top of that, your art is amazingly beautiful!

    1. Thanks. Amanda! Me, too! I have to do some more digging on why it is that peas can have this effect!

      Cleaning the tank and adding salt were also mentioned as important to do. Many said not feeding them for a couple of days, too, so I have stopped, even though goldfish are notorious beggars. 🙂 When I do feed him again, pellets are best and not flakes. I had been feeding him pellets though but I have to admit I was behind on water changes! He’s still good today so hopefully, this keeps up!

      I hope you find yourself with fancy goldfish again but keep a bag of frozen peas on hand. 🙂

      Thanks for visiting my blog and following!

      1. Oh my goodness, goldfish are as messy as they are adorable. Of course, one of my current fish is an oscar so routine water changes are already very much a part of the schedule as is having to resist begging 😉

        I’ve also had success with salt with other issues, but that’s really interesting about the pellets. I don’t feed flakes anymore, however, that is what I was feeding my goldfish…

        Thank you so much for the info and the wonderful post!

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