sketch january 5 butterflies from MPM

“Milwaukee Public Museum Butterflies” by Kristin Gjerdset

Watercolor, pencil and ink, 2015

Yesterday, I painted a milkweed pod to turn my thoughts to spring days. Today, I experienced the warmth of summer, indoors, at the butterfly pavilion of the Milwaukee Public Museum. The subjects were much less cooperative in terms of sitting still, than would a dried botanical subject. However, the challenge is always good, to observe with care and attention. My only disappointment is that it was difficult to do justice to the complexity of their wing structure and pattern. But it was a joy to have them flying about, momentarily landing upon my arm, as I worked.

Here are photos of butterflies I saw:

MPM january buttefly 4 MPM january butterfly 1 MPM january butterfly 5 group view MPM january butterfly 5 MPM january butterfly 6MPM january butterflly 7


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