After seeing a Twitter posting on a sketch January challenge, I decided to give it a go. Here’s a sampling of favorites:

sketch january 11 copy

“Gray Jay”  – pen and graphite pencil, 2015

Taken from my photo at Rocky Mountain National Park a couple springs ago of a very friendly gray jay, who sat by me, while I painted a mountain. I made a watercolor of him, too, at the time, since he was such a willing model.

The drawing/painting was created with Faber- Castell PITT pens, which are essentially india ink in pen form. Wonderful to work with, as they act like watercolors with their layering possibilities and drawing media for the control one has with line. The other two images below were drawn with the same media, along with a white wax pencil to add highlights.

sketch january 10 magpie copy

“Magpie” – pen, white wax pencil and graphite pencil, 2015

Another friendly bird who engaged me at Rocky Mountain National Park that same spring. I got out of the car to find this bird walking about me, displaying and showing off. I did not even offer him food. A special experience it was, though it normally is with most corvids. I guess he knew I loved magpies and his relatives.  🙂 He was starting to curve his head down in this moment.

sketch january 8 spider copy

“Spider on Cacti” – pen, white wax pencil and pencil, 2015

I found this little orb weaver amongst cacti at the botanical gardens when I was in Dublin, Ireland a couple years ago. I did not have time to sketch at the time, so she has finally been recorded here in a fine art format.  🙂

As always, your respect is appreciated so please do not copy and reproduce without permission.

Thanks and happy drawing!


2 thoughts on “Sketch January Highlights

    1. Thanks! We all have those slumps I think. Drawing/sketching really does help. I find it is really informing my painting. Your photos show you are still observing with care like an artist so don’t underestimate that activity. 🙂

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