view from the cabin
“View from the Porch (RMNP)”

So much for beginning my weekly blog…guess it maybe alternating weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚ At any rate, here is my second watercolor and ink image from my artist residency at Rocky Mountain National Park last summer.

Suffering from an altitude sickness kind of headache, I did not want to waste any day, so I spent the day sitting on the cabin porch, wondering what I would see. Purple thistles were the most noticeable, along with Long’s Peak – stable subjects.

The reward of waiting and observing with patience resulted in appearances from more transitory visitors – a red admiral butterfly, least chipmunks, green towhees (I believe were anyway) and voles peeking out now and then under the grasses. I think they would fit well in a pocket, if they liked it, which they would definitely not. ๐Ÿ™‚

A memorable part of the experience was a broad-tailed hummingbird male flying directly up to my face, then zipping away. He is a little tough to find in this image but he is present. Search and find. Have a seat at the porch.



3 thoughts on “View from the Porch

    1. Thanks so much, Laura. Over 30 national parks have programs like this for artists. Think about applying sometime. They have been the best experiences of my life. I will be happy to give your feedback.

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